Senior Valve Engineer with extra capacity?

Senior Valve Engineer – 50% – 100%
We are looking for an expert in valves which is also conversant with piping class specifications, how to use existing ones but also how to design new ones.
This position will be technically responsible for purchased items in valves (actuated, manual, relief), piping special items such as: injection quills, interlocks, strainers, flame arrestors, bird screens, flexible hoses, piping components, deluge sprinklers, sampling takeoff points, generally any piping-mounted device not being an instrument

• Degree in relevant disciplines BSc, as a minimum.
• Minimum 5 years relevant work experience in a similar position
• Experience and knowledge within area of responsibility
• Strong communication skills
• Strong technical understanding and experience with engineering and project execution methods
• General understanding of supply chain methods
• Quality and detail focused
• Ability to identify potential issues/problems and apply effective solutions as required
• Experience with mechanical/structural products or technology.
• Understanding of materials selection, valves end, trim and Piping class
• Knowledge of industry standards and design codes (i.e API, ISO, NORSOK)
Typical Skills:
• Strong communication and interpersonal skills
• Solution orientated
• Proactive and take initiative to perform according to expectations
• Working in teams
• Being analytic and accurate
• Structured 

• To improve and standardize the method of work, according to common engineering practice, procedures and technical standards which meet clients and company own specifications and HSE mindset, to execute the task more efficiently.
• To review and ensure that the correct valves are selected according to specifications and Process.
• To be a support, when needed, for Valves engineers, Mechanical engineers and Process engineers.
• To contribute to the engineering team to create a good working environment and a strong team spirit.
• The main objective is to contribute to efficient election of valves (service, size, material…) and quantity, making a valve list with the necessary information for every valve. This valve list will be based in Bentley data base which is in turn connected to the P&ID’s.
• To assist supply team to buy corrects valves for every project.
• Support to Supply Management & Engineering.
• Support to Quality Surveillance / Supplier Follow-up.
• Ensure delivery of Documents according to the Document List

The Engineer shall on own initiative:
• Take personal responsibility for HSE by focusing on own behaviour.
• Ensure that own work follows Company requirements for HSEQ.
• Contribute to continuous improvement of quality and safety of our products and deliveries
Tasks and Responsibilities (not exhaustive)
• Responsible for the successful completion of assigned engineering tasks and preparation of engineering deliverables within the given estimated hours
• Actively contribute to the implementation of the overall company strategy and developing strategy for the engineering team
• Carry out the given task in accordance to the set policies, execution models, procedures etc.,
• using agreed common tools and systems.
• Integration and co-operation with the other disciplines in the company.
Competencies and manning:
• Responsibility to identify, develop and maintain standard valves the Tie-in & Structures scope of work.
• Technical support to tenders, recommend the appropriate product on project bids and proposals.
• Prepare all necessary documentation needed for procurement and use of valves.
• Review supplier documentation in relation to procurement and fabrication
• Follow up fabrication and testing at suppliers.
• Continuously improve product portfolio by attending “lessons learnt” in projects and communication with clients.

Project Execution:
• Interface with other Wellstream Processing-groups and disciplines to ensure a coordinated design and complete
• engineering deliverables
Reporting and Communication
The Engineer shall on own initiative:
• Report to the Team Manager any deviations and improvement areas within the PEM and working methods as applicable for the Engineering discipline.
• Report any non-compliance with HSEQ requirements to the Team Manager.
Report and communicate according to Project stipulated routines.
• Ensure Team Manager is informed about absence and leaves

Start date : beginning of January 2021
Contract type : 50% to 100%.


NøkkelordValve engineer, Ventiler
BransjekategoriOlje / Gass Off- / Onshore / Maritim
Alternativ bransjeAnnet

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ArbeidsgiverQualified Professionals Oslo
Kim Holmern-Aadnesen
Rådgiver - Nasjonal leder Engineering
Søk stillingLenken leder til annonseteksten hos Recman, vår samarbeidspartner. Hos Recman finner du mer informasjon om stillingen og kan søke direkte på stillingen.

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