Sixty is looking for a Senior Mobile Developer in Bergen

Sixty’s main office is located 60 degrees north in Bergen Norway. For this position, we want to hire the best person for the job and prefer to have you join the team in Bergen. If you want to apply you need to have relevant projects to show for. We believe in talent and a great portfolio. Of course we want to look over your CV for facts and figures, but at least as important is who you are as a person. We want at minimum a covering letter with some information about yourself, and why you are applying to join us. We use the applications portal provided by “Qualified Professionals” in Bergen.

Here at Sixty we are disrupting the way TV has traditionally been watched, and also

produced. We know that people still want to relax, escape, be enlightened and entertained,

but that they also crave freedom of choice, to explore, to play, to interact and communicate.

At Sixty we deliver game-changing products and services that enable media companies

worldwide to enhance and innovate their TV solutions to meet the expectations of tomorrow.

Sixty delivers cutting edge TV design, digital product development and unique know-how to

leading vendors in the media industry.

And we do it with style, laughter, and an amazing view.


Work description

A senior mobile developer in Sixty is an experienced developer, a role model for others, and

a good cultural bearer with great influence on his or her surroundings.


You will:

  • Write clean and understandable code
  • Meet tight deadlines with a cool head
  • Attend meetings and briefings with clients and peers
  • Be open minded and able to receive and give feedback to/from others
  • Help others to write better code
  • Write and automate tests
  • Adopt different design patterns
  • Research and development with new technologies (ie. AppleTV and other streaming devices)
  • Develop and improve our own mobile SDKs for the product line
  • Assist in delivery of our products to our customers


Personal attributes:

  • You are trustworthy, responsible and dedicated in your work
  • You have the ability to work with others in teams, and meet deadlines
  • You understand that there is always ways to get better as a developer.
  • You speak fluent English and have good communication skills
  • You know that the environment is constantly changing and have the ability to adopt to new processes, plans and focus
  • You have experience with native technologies as Swift
  • Experience with cross platform technologies like React Native, etc. is a plus
  • Experience with tests and test automation is a plus


We offer

  • Competitive conditions
  • Flexible working environment with focus on your work/life balance
  • Inclusive and open minded culture
  • Intriguing and challenging position in a dynamic and positive working environment


Your application will be treated confidentially.


For technical questions regarding the position please contact Erlend Mongstad at or 456 32 993


Sted: Bergen
Frist: 01.12.2018
Antall stillinger: 1


Marion Børnes
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